insurance carriers

From small start-up insuretechs to large, multinational carriers, if your company holds the risk on an insurance contract, our experts have proven success in recruiting key talent that understand risk to further your growth and profitability.

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agents & brokers

Navigating the complexities of the insurance industry can be a daunting task. Finding qualified candidates that can function effectively as a liaison between the policyholder and the insurer requires a professional with real expertise in the industry. Our expert recruiters understand the subtleties required from each role within the retail channel. Talk to one of our recruiters today to find out more.

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mga's & program managers

The wholesale distribution channel is known for bringing many of the most unique solutions to the most difficult and complex risks. Specialization abounds within this segment, and it takes an expert to find an expert. Let one of our expert recruiters navigate the waters to match the right talent to the career opportunity.

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tpa's & ancillary services

Inevitably, there will be claims. Negotiating the right settlement is a job best left to the experts. Much like "Goldilocks", the claims settlement needs to be not too little nor too much, but "just right". Our expert recruiters can find the candidates that match the career opportunity that is "just right". Let one of our recruiters be your expert.

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