After working in executive search for almost 40 years, Jeff Nixon has officially retired and passed on his legacy to the recruiters with Genesis Resources.

Jeff began his executive search career in 1984 and quickly rose to a Regional Vice President position. In July of 1990, Jeff opened J.L. Nixon Consulting. Throughout his career he held numerous leadership positions including President and Vice President at Insurance National Search and Board Member at National Insurance Recruiting Association.

We had the pleasure of asking Jeff a few questions about his career.


Q — When did you start your career in executive search?

Jeff — I started my career with Fuller & Associates in 1984 recruiting insurance professionals. I was interested in an opportunity to work with professionals and eventually open my own firm, which occurred in July of 1990.


Q — How has executive search affected you in a positive way?

Jeff — I have had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life and assist them in a very personal way which led to many special friendships over the years.


Q — What is the biggest difference in the executive search industry from when you began to today?

Jeff — Without a doubt, it is the technology aspect. When I first started, people mailed their resumes and I typed up presentations and sent them with the resumes via first class mail to my clients. When the fax machine arrived, the delivery time to clients was shortened immensely. To be successful in this business, you must adjust your business style to paradigm shifts which happen approximately every 18 months to 2 years.


Q — What was the decision-making process behind leaving J.L. Nixon Consulting to Genesis Resources?

Jeff — I have worked with Trey Hugley for nearly 20 years. I knew Trey, his honesty and his business acumen were similar to mine. We actually discussed the possibility of merging firms years ago, but the timing was not right.


Q — What’s the first thing you are going to do when you officially retire?

Jeff — I plan to attend my final National Insurance Recruiters Association convention in Nashville in March and then sail a 50 ft. Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands with my oldest son, Philip and my Irish sailing partner in June. That is a good start!



Thank you, Jeff for your contributions to the industry! We wish you the very best!

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